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Fall 2014


October 8 Welcome Lunch Colloquium


October 15 2014-2015 Faculty Fellow

Anthony Chen, Assoc Professor, Dept of Sociology / Political Science


November 5 Dialogue Series Lunch Colloquium

"The Humanities in the Age of Ecological Catastrophe"

Timothy Morton, Rita Shea Guffey Chair, English, Rice University

Deborah Coen, Assoc Professor, History, Barnard College, Columbia University


November 12 2014-2015 Faculty Fellow

Melissa Macauley, Assoc Professor, Dept of History


November 19 New Faculty Colloquium

"Interdisciplinary Conversations"

Corey Byrnes, Asst Professor, Dept of Asian Languages and Cultures

Erica Weitzman, Asst Professor, Dept of German




Winter 2015


January 14 New Faculty Colloquium

Sean Hanretta, Assoc Professor, Dept of History


January 21 Dialogue Series Lunch Colloquium


Keller Easterling, Professor, School of Architecture, Yale University

Ramón Saldivar, Professor, English and Comparative Studies, Stanford University


January 28 Artist in Residence Colloquium



February 4 2014-2015 Faculty Fellow

"The Epistemology of Groups"

Jennifer Lackey, Professor, Dept of Philosophy



February 11 2014-2015 Faculty Fellow

Alejandra Uslenghi, Asst Professor, Dept of Spanish and Portuguese


March 4 2014-2015 Faculty Fellow

Angela Ray, Assoc Professor, Dept of Communication Studies



Spring 2014


April 15 2014-2015 Faculty Fellow

Rebecca Johnson, Asst Professor, Dept of English / Kaplan Institute for the Humanities


April 22 New Faculty Colloquium

Jun Hu, Asst Professor, Dept of Art History

Shaundra Myers, Asst Professor, Dept of English


April 29 2014-2015 Faculty Fellow

"American Expressionism on the Soviet Stage: O’Neill and Treadwell at the Moscow Kamerny Theatre”

Dassia Posner, Asst Professor, Dept of Theatre


May 6 2014-2015 Faculty Fellow

Ana Aparicio, Assoc Professor, Dept of Anthropology / Latina / Latino Studies


May 20 2014-2015 Faculty Fellow

"Signal and Noise in the Art and Teaching of Ed Paschke"

Jason Nargis, Manuscript Librarian, Special Collections and Archives, Northwestern University Library





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Upcoming Institute Events

Hector Carrillo, Associate Professor, Sociology, The Evanston Northwestern Humanities Lecture Series
October 30, 20147:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Dialogue Series: "The Humanities in the Age of Ecological Catastrophe”
November 4, 20144:30 PM - 6:30 PM

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