Lunch Colloquia

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Wednesdays, Noon - 1:30

NOTE: The Institute has moved to 1800 Sherman Avenue, Suite 1-200 (ground floor)

If you are interested in attending a lunch colloquium, please email us.

Spring 2015

April 15: Harris Lecture Lunch Colloquium
David Joselit, Distinguished Professor, Art History, the Graduate Center, City University of New York

April 22: New Faculty Colloquium
Jun Hu, Asst Professor, Dept of Art History
Shaundra Myers, Asst Professor, Dept of English

April 29: 2014-2015 Faculty Fellow
“American Expressionism on the Soviet Stage: O’Neill and Treadwell at the Moscow Kamerny Theatre”
Dassia Posner, Asst Professor, Dept of Theatre

May 6: 2014-2015 Faculty Fellow
"The Political Economy of Garbage: Environmental Racism and the New American Suburb"
Ana Aparicio, Assoc Professor, Dept of Anthropology / Latina / Latino Studies

May 13 New Faculty Colloquium
Patrick Noonan, Asst Professor, Dept of Asian Languages and Cultures (DALC)
Ariel Rogers, Asst Professor, Dept of Radio, Television, and Film (RTVF)

May 20 2014-2015 Faculty Fellow
"Signal and Noise in the Art and Teaching of Ed Paschke"
Jason Nargis, Manuscript Librarian, Special Collections and Archives, Northwestern University Library

Recent Lunch Colloquia

Winter 2015

January 14: New Faculty Colloquium
Sean Hanretta, Assoc Professor, Dept of History

January 21: Dialogue Series Lunch Colloquium
"Crossing Borders"
Keller Easterling, Professor, School of Architecture, Yale University
Ramón Saldivar, Professor, English and Comparative Studies, Stanford University

January 28: Artist in Residence Colloquium
Walter Kitundu

February 4: 2014-2015 Faculty Fellow
“The Epistemology of Groups”
Jennifer Lackey, Professor, Dept of Philosophy

February 11: 2014-2015 Faculty Fellow
"Cosmopolitan Spectacles: Latin American culture at fin-de-siècle Universal Exhibitions"
Alejandra Uslenghi, Asst Professor, Dept of Spanish and Portuguese

February 25: 2014-2015 Faculty Fellow
"Stranger Publics, or Misreading the News: The Newspaper Novel in Arabic"
Rebecca Johnson, Asst Professor, Dept of English / Kaplan Institute for the Humanities

March 4: 2014-2015 Faculty Fellow
"A Green Oasis in the History of My Life’: The Culture of Debating among Free African Americans in 1850s Charleston”
Angela Ray, Assoc Professor, Dept of Communication Studies

Fall 2014

October 8: Welcome Lunch Colloquium

October 15: 2014-2015 Faculty Fellow
“Race-Conscious Affirmative Action in College Admissions from the March on Washington to Bakke”
Anthony Chen, Assoc Professor, Dept of Sociology / Political Science

October 29 - New Faculty Colloquium
Lina Britto, Asst Professor, Dept of History
Shayna Silverstein, Asst Professor, Dept of Performance Studies

November 5: Dialogue Series Lunch Colloquium
"The Humanities in the Age of Ecological Catastrophe"
Timothy Morton, Rita Shea Guffey Chair, English, Rice University
Deborah Coen, Assoc Professor, History, Barnard College, Columbia University

November 12: 2014-2015 Faculty Fellow
"Chinese Translocalism and the South China Sea, 1661-1937"                       
Melissa Macauley, Assoc Professor, Dept of History

November 19: New Faculty Colloquium
Corey Byrnes, Asst Professor, Dept of Asian Languages and Cultures
Erica Weitzman, Asst Professor, Dept of German