Kaplan Conversations

photo of Christina Kiaer presenting at LQ

2016–2017 Kaplan Conversations (Lunch Seminars)


Wednesdays, Noon - 1:30 pm
Kaplan Humanities Institute, Kresge Hall #2-350

If you are interested in attending a lunch colloquium, please email us.

Spring 2017

April 19 - Faculty Fellow
"Invisible Hands: Competition and Class Consciousness in Latino Print Culture, 1898-1945"
John Alba Cutler, Associate Professor, Department of English and Latina/o Studies Program

April 26 - New Faculty
"Hamilton: The Revolution and African Americans and Slavery in Alexander Hamilton's New York"
Leslie M. Harris (History)

May 3 - Postdoctoral Fellow
"Political Moves: Dance and Power in Revolutionary Cuba"
Elizabeth Schwall
(Dance Studies)

May 17 - Faculty Fellow
"At the Limit of the Obscene: Realism, Aesthetics, Profanation"
Erica Weitzman, Assistant Professor, Department of German

Previous Quarters

Winter 2017

January 11 - Faculty Fellow
"Barbarism, Autochthony, and Race in African Thought"
Jonathon Glassman, Professor, Department of History

February 8 - Faculty Fellow
"Feeling Europe: The African Diaspora and Affect in the Heart of Empire"
Michelle M. Wright, Professor, Department of African American Studies and Comparative Literary Studies Program; Faculty Chair of Hobart Women's Residential College

February 15 - Faculty Fellow
"Revival from Below: The Deoband Movement and Global Islam"
Brannon Ingram, Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies

February 22 - Postdoctoral Fellow
"Indigenizing Ice: Tasting Cold in Settler Colonial Hawai‘i"
Hi‘ilei Hobart (Native American and Indigenous Studies)

Fall 2016

September 28 - Welcome Lunch Colloquium

October 5 - Artists in Residence
Poets TJ Dema and Mayda Del Valle

October 12 - Faculty Fellow
"The Paradox of Sexual Identities"
Héctor Carillo, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Gender & Sexuality Studies Program

November 2 - New Faculty in Native American and Indigenous Studies/History
Doug Kiel, Assistant Professor, Humanities and Department of History

November 16 - Faculty Fellow
"The Black Pacific: Black Hawaiians' Conceptions of Race and Indigeneity"
Nitasha Sharma
, Associate Professor, Department of African American Studies and Asian American Studies Program; Affiliate of Performance Studies