What Are Our Students Saying?

Kaplan Humanities Scholars Program, Class of 2018
Kaplan Humanities Scholars Program, Class of 2018

Welcome to the Kaplan Humanities Scholars Program!

What do past Kaplan Scholars say about the program?

Gus BerrizbeittiaGus Berrizbeitia (class of 2017)

“So much of college is about learning, and so much of your first few months is learning how to learn. Kaplan offers the single greatest community in which enterprising students in their first terms can grapple with challenging material (it typically goes above and beyond what is usually offered to freshmen) in the context of a social community. Because of that, Kaplan leaves a lasting impact, indelibly teaching its students to think critically, voluminously, and in an interdisciplinary fashion -- all indispensable qualities for the future.” 

Adina GoldmanAdina Goldman (class of 2018)

As soon as I stepped through the arch, KHSP welcomed me into a world of multidisciplinary thinking. I gained exposure to fields I might not otherwise have explored—like art history and Spanish and Portuguese studies—and learned from the diverse perspectives of my professors and peers. Most of all, Kaplan introduced me to surprising vantage points and ways of understanding.  For instance, my fall quarter course, “The Measure of All Things,” gave me excellent tools for considering how people quantify things of unquantifiable significance, and reduce complex variables to simple numerical values. It opened my eyes to the ways we try to manage the world by making it simpler.” 

Irina HuangIrina Huang (class of 2018)

“Kaplan provided me with professors who were just as passionate about my well-being, my growth, and me, as I was about them and all they had to teach me. Invested professors and small-size seminars created a stimulating and challenging environment for me to independently, and collaboratively, consider new ideas. Kaplan introduced me to what I love most about learning: pushing boundaries, questioning what is already in place, and looking for connections between ideas that might not intrinsically overlap. I am grateful for the mindset Kaplan instilled in me--I will carry and utilize it the rest of my time at Northwestern, and beyond.”

Naomi JohnsonNaomi Johnson (Class of 2017)

The Kaplan Humanities Scholars Program provides a rare experience that transcends academic disciplines and interests. The program’s curriculum – one of the most rigorous I have experienced at Northwestern – challenged me to use multiple intellectual lenses to understand history, society, and culture. At the same time, the professors – all of whom are experts in their fields – compelled me to scrutinize those lenses and to develop interdisciplinary critical thinking skills that have helped me approach problems in classes ranging from Genetics to the Politics of Southeast Asia. After graduating from the program, I felt both intellectually and interpersonally wealthy.”

Ciara McCarthy (Class of ’15)

"Deciding to apply for Kaplan was easily the best choice I made in my freshman year. Not only is it a truly remarkable community that fosters wonderful friendships, but it challenges you in every possible way to learn to the fullest. One of my Kaplan professors said that college is an education that’s meant to unsettle you; college is supposed to upend your preconceived notions and challenge everything you thought you knew about society. That’s what Kaplan does: it forces you to look at the world in a new light, and to contemplate difficult questions about humanity."

Joel Rabinowitz (Class of '14)

"The Kaplan program definitely represents the humanities in the fullest sense and pushed me to expand my interests. Whether going to see an operetta in Chicago or participating in the 24 Hours of Plays, Kaplan forced all of us to explore new frontiers and to discover something new about ourselves. The fellow students I met in the program are some of the brightest and most interesting people that I have ever had the pleasure to know. Kaplan represents pushing boundaries, and I benefitted greatly from the experience."

Darryl Turner (Class of '12)

"The Kaplan experience was academically and socially beneficial to me. The reading was interesting, the discussion was enlightening, and the field trips were awe-inspiring. I was exposed to many diverse individuals and made life-long friendships. Elizabeth Foster is awesome and the professors are too. Being a Kaplanite has made me a better Northwestern student. It seemed like a giant leap freshman year, but it was well worth it looking back on it. If you can make it in Kaplan, you can make it anywhere!"