Co-Sponsorship Application

How to Apply for Co-Sponsorship


Co-sponsorship applications are submitted via an online application portal. Please review all application instructions on this page prior to clicking through to the application portal, as you will not be able to save an incomplete application. Please note: All documents must be submitted as PDFs.

  • In the application portal, please complete OFFICIAL CONTACT INFORMATION and ACADEMIC INFORMATION sections.
  • In the LIST OF REFERENCES section graduate student applicants must supply at least ONE reference, who will need to submit a letter of support. Graduate student applicants will enter their recommender's name and email address in the portal. Under "THIS REFERENCE IS," please select "other." Recommenders will automatically be sent a request for a letter of support upon submission of your application. Faculty and Postdoctoral applicants DO NOT need to supply any references. Please skip this section.
  • Under APPLICATION DOCUMENTS, please upload two separate pdfs, one under COVER LETTER and the other under ADDITIONAL MATERIALS. These two pdfs should include the following materials:
    • COVER LETTER (2 page maximum): Please provide a cover letter that contains a list of event conveners, a description of the event or program, the anticipated size of audience/participants, and an assessment of the event's impact on the humanities. The cover letter should also include the date/s of the program, a list of speakers and their bios, if applicable, and any other relevant information.
    • ADDITIONAL MATERIALS (1 page maximum): Please provide a complete breakdown of your proposed budget, including the amount of funding requested from the Kaplan Institute as well as other confirmed/projected funds from other departments/programs. Please note: the Kaplan Institute for the Humanities will ordinarily contribute a maximum of 25% of any program or event's total budget.


PLEASE NOTE The Kaplan Institute will not consider applications that do not meet the basic criteria for co-sponsorship funding. Such programs include:

  • Applications that are looking for Kaplan to fund the entire budget
  • Events that take place off campus and are not easily accessible to the Northwestern Community
  • Events that exclusively appeal to a single department or discipline
  • Undergraduate student events that only reach an undergrad audience (i.e. festivals, shows). 
  • Student trips abroad


We have limited funds available for humanities events spearheaded by undergraduate students who are affiliated with the Kaplan Humanities Institute. Please contact Jill Mannor if you are an affiliated undergraduate interested in applying for event co-sponsorship.


Please email