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Evanston Northwestern Humanities Lecture Series


Co-presented by the Evanston Public Library and Kaplan Humanities Institute, Northwestern faculty share and discuss their research with the public in casual evening lectures at the Evanston Public Library, 1703 Orrington Avenue, Evanston.

2017-2018 Lectures

maguire-enhls-2-28-18-260px.pngFebruary 28, 2018 (Wednesday)
7:00 pm

Cyborgs, Zombies, and Planets for Rent: Science Fiction in Contemporary Caribbean Literature

Emily Maguire (Associate Professor, Department of Spanish & Portuguese and Latina/o Studies Program)

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The past two decades have witnessed a notable rise in both the visibility and popularity of science fiction writing and film throughout the Caribbean and its diasporas. What does it mean to use the language of science fiction—rather than social realism, fantasy, or the “marvelous real”—to describe Caribbean history and reality? This talk traces the presence of science fiction in Caribbean literature and film, and explores what the sudden popularity of the genre might mean for Caribbean cultural production today.”

masur-enhls-3-12-18-260px.pngMarch 12, 2018 (Monday)
7:00 pm

Police Powers, the Anti-Slavery Movement, and the Origins of the Fourteenth Amendment

Kate Masur (Associate Professor, Department of History)

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Kate Masur’s talk will explore the history of racism in American law, with an emphasis on antislavery activists’ challenges to discriminatory state laws and the origins of the Fourteenth Amendment.

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