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Kaplan Conversations

2018–2019 Kaplan Conversations (Lunch Seminars)

Ninety minutes of interdisciplinary discussion of research by Kaplan Institute associates.

Wednesdays, Noon - 1:30 pm
Kaplan Humanities Institute, Kresge Hall #2350

If you are interested in attending a lunch colloquium, please email us.

Winter 2019

January 23 - Faculty Fellow
The Mughals and the Modern Humanities: The Entangled Lives and Legacies of Early Modern Indo-Persian and European Intellectuals (ca. 1600-1800)
Rajeev Kinra, Associate Professor, South Asian and Global History, Department of History; Co-director, Global Humanities Initiative; Director, Asian Studies Program

February 13 - Faculty Fellow
New Haven State of Mind: Power, Race, History and Urban American Imaginaries
Micaela di Leonardo, Professor, Departments of Anthropology, African American Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Performance Studies

February 20 - Faculty Fellow
The Perturbed Circle: Chinese Architecture and Its Periphery
Jun Hu, Assistant Professor, East Asian Art, Department of Art History

February 27 - Faculty Fellow
Culture of Disaffection: Post-Fascist Aesthetics in 1960s Japan
Patrick Noonan, Assistant Professor, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures

March 6 - Postdoctoral Fellow
In Search of Displacement: Brasilândia and Geographies of African Descent in São Paulo
Andrew Britt, Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Humanities

Spring 2019

April 10 - Faculty Fellow
From Protest to Politics: The Making of a 'Second Black Cabinet'
Brett Gadsden, Associate Professor, Department of History

May 1 - Faculty Fellow
The Acoustics of Roux
Eric Patrick
, Associate Professor and Production Area Head, Department of Radio/Television/Film

May 8 - Faculty Fellow
Integrity, Personal and Political
Shmulik Nili, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

May 15 - Library Fellow
Resultant Masses: John Cage, Glenn Branca, and the 1982 New Music America Festival
Greg MacAyeal, Curator of the Music Library, Northwestern University Libraries

Past Talks

Fall 2018

October 3 - Welcome Lunch Colloquium

October 10 - Guest speaker
Currency: Race and the Circulation of the American Ideal
Jonathan Holloway, Provost and Professor of History

October 31 - Faculty Fellow
Rhythm Against Measure: Cinema, Montage, and the Life of Images
Domietta Torlasco, Associate Professor, Department of French and Italian and Comparative Literary Studies Program

November 14 - Faculty Fellow
Fragments of Belonging: The Politics of Syrian Performance in the 21st Century
Shayna Silverstein, Assistant Professor, Department of Performance Studies 

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