Global Humanities Lab

Fall 2018

HUM 310 and English 385

TuTh 9:30 - 10:50am

Professor John Alba Cutler (English and Latina and Latino Studies Program)

Course Description
How have revolutions shaped the modern world?

How have artists, writers, historians, and musicians participated in, memorialized, and critiqued revolutionary movements?

This course will take a comparative approach to the study of the modern revolution, beginning with the Mexican and Russian revolutions of the early twentieth century, then moving back in time to the American, Haitian, and French revolutions. Drawing from a variety of humanities disciplines, we will seek to understand how revolutionary movements begin, the contingencies of revolutionary action, and what happens when revolutions become institutionalized into state apparatuses.

This small-enrollment, discussion-based seminar meets for the duration of the fall quarter, and includes a mandatory class trip to Mexico City before fall classes begin to visit a variety of sites associated with the Mexican Revolution. Course enrollment is by application only.

Travel to Mexico City
The dates of the trip to Mexico City will be September 10-15, 2018. We will depart Chicago on Monday, Sept. 10 and return on Saturday, September 15 (Fall classes begin on Thurs., Sept. 27). Please check your calendar to be sure that you are available to travel the week prior to fall classes before applying to this course!

Costs and financial aid
Roundtrip airfare from Chicago to Mexico City, as well as shared-room lodging in Mexico, activity fees, and ground transportation, will be provided directly by Northwestern. Students will be responsible for all other expenses associated with the trip, including meals and other incidentals.

All undergraduate students are welcome to apply for this course, regardless of their financial means. If a student is accepted into the course and does not have the resources available for the trip, the Kaplan Institute staff will work to ensure the funds are made available—please do not allow finances to dissuade an application.

Required travel documents
Students must have a valid passport in order to make this trip. The passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the end date of the trip.

Commitment to the course
Please note that the Kaplan Institute considers the act of applying to this course a binding commitment to participate in the class trip to Mexico. If a participant is accepted and enrolls in the course and later drops, or drops out of the trip—except under extreme medical circumstances—that student will be responsible for reimbursing costs related to their travel, including airfare, lodging, and any other related expenses.

Criteria for selection
Criteria for selection include qualities of intellectual curiosity, academic excellence, and maturity.

How to apply
The deadline to apply for this course is May 1, 2018. We will inform applicants of decisions by May 13th (registration opens on May 14). Once we inform you of your acceptance, we will provide you with a permission code to enroll in the course. Applying to this program is a commitment to travel to Mexico.

Applications are submitted via an online application portal. This portal is adapted from a faculty search tool, so don't be surprised to see “faculty search" references on the application, as well as some seemingly odd questions! Please review all application instructions (below) prior to clicking through to the portal as you will not be able to save an incomplete application. Note: Application documents must be submitted in PDF format only.

In the application portal, please complete the following:

  • Official contact information
  • Academic information
  • Application documents. Please upload PDF files for the following:
    • Brief Personal Statement: No more than one page, single spaced explanation for why you would like to take this class. At the top of this document, please list two faculty members who can serve as a reference (no letter required)
    • Unofficial transcript (please upload this in the “Additional Materials” tab)
    • Writing sample (one academic paper, no more than 10 pages)
    • CV/resume
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Please contact Tom Burke: