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Kaplan Conversations

Ninety minutes of interdisciplinary discussion of research by Kaplan Institute associates.

Wednesdays, Noon - 1:30 pm
Kaplan Humanities Institute, Kresge Hall #2350

If you are interested in attending a Kaplan Conversation lunch seminar, please email us.

2019–2020 Kaplan Conversations

Spring 2020

April 15 - Faculty Fellow
The Traffic with Iranian Pilgrims: Religion, Economy and Territory Across Borders
Emrah Yıldız, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Middle East & North African Studies

April 22 - Faculty Fellow
Travel Writing and the Journey in Modern South Asia
Daniel Majchrowicz, Assistant Professor of South Asian Literature and Culture, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures

May 6 - Faculty Fellow
Item: Poems
Natasha Trethewey, Board of Trustees Professor of English

May 13 - Library Fellow
Being First Two Times Over
Qiana Johnson, Collection and Organizational Data Analysis Librarian, Assessment and Planning, Northwestern University Libraries

Past Kaplan Conversations, 2019-2020

Winter 2020

January 15 - Faculty Fellow
The Justice Gap in Global Forest Governance
Kim Marion Suiseeya, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Environmental Policy and Culture Program, and Center for Native American and Indigenous Research

February 12 - Faculty Fellow
Operas and Politics of Catherine the Great Empress/ario
Inna Naroditskaya, Professor of Ethnomusicology, Bienen School of Music

February 26 - Faculty Fellow
Consuming the Hospital: International Voluntourism in Tanzanian Health Facilities
Noelle Sullivan, Charles Deering McCormick Distinguished Lecturer; Associate Professor of Instruction, Global Health Studies

March 4 - Faculty Fellow
Lives of the Machines: Ten Memoirs from the Reign of Technology
Ken Alder, Professor of History and Milton H. Wilson Professor in the Humanities; Director, Science in Human Culture Program

Fall 2019

October 2- Welcome Lunch Colloquium

October 16 - Faculty Fellow
Delusions of Labor: Labor Recruitment and Family Reunification in the Federal Republic of Germany
Lauren Stokes, Assistant Professor, Department of History

October 30 - Faculty Fellow
Culture U: Arts Training in the Modern Research University
Gary Fine, James E. Johnson Professor of Sociology

November 6 - Faculty Fellow
Kyle Henry, Associate Professor of Filmmaking, and Acting Director, MFA in Documentary Media, Department of Radio, TV, Film

November 13 - Faculty Fellow
Before and Behind Us in Time: Ancestry, Denial, and Evolving the American Story
Rachel Jamison Webster, Associate Professor of Instruction, Department of English, Creative Writing

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