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The Humanities Dialogue 2019-2020


A year-long conversation about commemorating, contesting, and claiming from humanistic perspectives

remembering • marking • in/validating • witnessing • forgetting • making legible • tearing down
dis/honoring • resisting • solemnizing • making in/visible • restoring • expunging • fabricating
monumentalizing • venerating • disputing • coming to terms • erasing/defacing/replacing


The Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities will hold a year-long series of conversations around the theme Memorializing, and we welcome Northwestern departments and programs to partner with us to explore this generative topic.


What stories do monuments tell?
When is remembrance also a repression?
How does memorializing shape the present?
How do we negotiate collective and disputed memories?

We will invite distinguished scholars and artists to consider struggles over memorializing from any era and region to create a sustained dialogue that demonstrates a variety of approaches in the arts and humanities.

Partner with us!

We ask you to join the Memorializing Dialogues in three different ways:

Event Co-sponsorship

Kaplan will convene three large-scale keynotes, and we will also offer 6-8 co-sponsorships for visiting speakers and artists who might deepen this conversation by providing different disciplinary perspectives. We wish to partner with units who already hold a speaker series so that we can increase the size and diversity of audiences at Northwestern events.

For co-sponsorship consideration:
Please visit the Memorializing co-sponsorship page for instructions on submitting your proposal.
Questions? Contact Megan Skord:

We will begin awarding co-sponsorships on Wednesday, April 17, 2019.

Related Curriculum

Are you teaching a course related to the Memorializing theme? Please send us the course title and quarter it will be offered; we will promote related courses in connection with the Dialogue. Send curriculum listings to

Course Enhancement Grants

Enrich the content of your Memorializing-related course with Course Enhancement funds to cover trips to museums, monuments, burial mounds, performances, or special lectures; for field studies; or for guest lecturer honoraria (cap of $200). Grants up to $1,000 are available. Full details on the request form here. (Please download this form to your desktop.)

Submit your completed form to Jill Mannor:

We will begin awarding course enhancement grants on Monday, May 6, 2019.



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