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Evanston Northwestern Humanities Lecture Series

Co-presented by the Evanston Public Library and Kaplan Humanities Institute, Northwestern faculty share and discuss their research with the public in casual evening lectures at the Evanston Public Library, 1703 Orrington Avenue, Evanston. Free and public welcome!

2018-2019 Lectures

patrick-enhls-05-07-19-260x402.pngTues., May 7, 2019
The Acoustics of Roux: Acculturation, migration, and identity among Cajun and Hispanic populations along the Gulf Coast
Eric Patrick
Associate Professor and Production Area Head, Department of Radio/Television/Film

Eric Patrick will introduce some of the ethnographic research that has gone into the creation of his current animated film production The Acoustics of Roux.  The film traces the criminalization of language, migration patterns, acculturation, and the construction of identity among blue collar populations in SW Louisiana and SE Texas.


Facebook event link:


gadsden-enhls-02-27-19-260x402.pngWed., February 27, 2019
From Protest to Politics: African Americans, the 1960 Presidential Campaign, and the Election of JFK
Brett Gadsden
Associate Professor, Department of History

Brett will focus on the African Americans who served on the 1960 campaign and helped Kennedy win the black vote and—by extension—the American Presidency.

Facebook event here.



Brett Gadsden and Eric Patrick are 2018-19 Faculty Fellows of the Kaplan Humanities Institute.
Read more about their work at:

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